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Road Transportation

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Head Trucks: 15  |  Trailers: 28  |   Vans: 7

ANC is proud to present you our professional drivers who are trained not only to drive safely, but are trained to handle road situations as well as following the Vietnamese driving laws. We always ensure our drivers maintain the highest service quality and safety regulations. Thus, it is mandatory for all drivers to attend monthly meeting and training. 

Our drivers are committed to take responsibility on and off the streets in order to get our cargoes moving at the right time with the right delivery.

Cross Border Transportation

Vietnam | Laos | Cambodia

In order to enhance the logistics between our neighbors, we provide you the cross border service between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. We are one of the only few companies in Vietnam who has this license as there is a limit amount of license issued a year. Not only does this can save you time, but can also reduce the risks and increase the transportation efficiency

cross border

DG Cargo

Road Transportation

With our specialized and well trained team in DG Cargos. Rest assured that your products will be delivered to you with great responsibility and safety procedures. Our professional drivers are carefully trained, assessed yearly and are all licensed to react to road emergency as well as to perform first aids. 

DG cargo