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Customs Brokerage

Project Description
Whenever you want to send your goods to a different country, it is a must to comply with customs formalities. Normally, it will be easily confused by the customs formalities to export or import in and out of the country. Especially in the case you do not own an import/ export license. Understanding the needs of our clients, ANC Group has focused on building the professional business of Customs Declaration approved by Customs General Bureau. We would like to assist you to comply with Vietnamese customs procedures whenever you want to import or export commercial products or souvenir products. The service and its odd jobs will be executed perfectly by our professional staff members.
In addition, we are experienced in complying with customs formalities for large cargoes with varieties of lines including Garments, Shoes , Home-wares, pharmaceutical products, DG cargoes, machinery, equipment etc.

We comprehend the Vietnamese regulations, and its policy regarding Import/Export commodity so clearly that we could apply these flexibly and correctly upon the conditions of Commercial Law; and Customs Regulations.

By all means, we always provide you the highest services with the lowest duties in both loading and unloading ports as it is all done in house.

Our Full Services Include:

Filling out the Customs Declarational Form.

Customs Declaration and Tax Code Application.

Carrying out all procedures of Commodity Control or applying for Extra Commodity Control.

Dealing with concerning bodies to comply with all sub – formalities upon the requirements of Customs House including Cultural control, Geology control, quarantine of botanical – animal – foodstuffs, fumigation and etc.