LCL & FCL Forwarding


ANC caters all services of sea forwarding :

Container Forwarding:

Dry containers transferred varieties of goods.
Opened or ventilation containers for botanical, alive animal etc.
Freezing containers for fresh products as meat, fish etc.
Hanging containers for garment products etc.
Insulate containers for pharmaceutical products etc.
Drum containers for liquid products etc.
Containers for vehicles etc.
LCL forwarding (consolidation container):

LCL cargos to international ports transit at Singapore port.
We must gather all LCL cargos from differ owners and then classifying and packing them in containers and then transferring to 1,000 ports worldwide. Frequently, we have two shipments per week from Hochiminh City and HaiPhong. We are known as the reliance contractor of LCL cargos in Vietnam.
LCL cargo- shipping to Japanese Port directly at shortest time.
For shipping LCL cargos directly to destination port is the aim of all forwarding contractors of LCL cargos because it brings the practical benefit to the senders. Non- transshipment will minimize the time of shipment, ensure the schedule of shipment, and reduce the lot of risks during the travel. Particularly, Japan is the potential market that requires transportation with the highest standards. Given the above mentioned reasons, we could confidence to say that we are one of the best service for our raising shipping contracts to Japan in recent years.
LCL shipping to American Ports directly
The opportunities to contract with American firms raise the shipping contracts to America and vice versa. Our forwarding services shipping bulk cargos from Eastern to Western Shore are available. With Four major intermediate ports in America includes Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, we provide you the shortest route and the fastest shipment in which your LCL cargos will spread 75 cities and 50 states of America through.
Our subsidiaries also provide clients the reliance services with fixed schedule weekly from Hochiminh City and Haiphong to the above said ports.
LCL cargo shipping to Asian Ports directly
We contract the LCL cargos shipping directly to Asian Ports including Hongkong Port (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Pusan (Korea), Port K’lang (Malaysia) weekly frequency.