Our Values







We do what we say, and we say what we do. To us, integrity comes first of all because it defines who we are, and how far we can go. Skills and knowledge can be easily taught, but the qualities of a person on the other hand is not. It is the most valuable asset to ensure the trusts and respects of our customers.


At ANC, we encourage those who are continuously improving, because only so, as a group we can grow. We will not accept those with negative attitudes and laziness, because we want a motivating and thriving environment.


ANC wants to provide the best services to our valuable customers and in order to do that, we need to work smart and efficiently. We also want our employees to enjoy working here, we don’t want you to over work and feel stressful. We provide you the best tools and supports so that you can be the most efficient and provide our customers with the best services.


Sometimes people are too busy trying to say what they want people to hear, then forgetting why people come to them. Listening in fact sounds simple, yet could be the most difficult thing to do. The importance of listening could never be denied because only if we listen, then we will truly understand what our customers need. ANC understands what makes the difference between a great company, and a successful company. Thus, your thoughts and opinions will always be heard by us.


As one of the top logistics companies in Vietnam, we hold responsibility to many things. We are responsible for the words and promises to our customers, we are responsible to our employees, and lastly, we are responsible for our actions.